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Smartie caps

Acura® manual pipettes have a colour-coded display window and Smartie button cap suggesting the selection of suitable tips.

Are other colour combinations desirable for individual, lab or department identification? Then choose among 14 colours of Smarties, or pick the Smartie mix containing all colours.

Ordering information
Smartie plunger caps
Cat. No. Colour Packaging
1.825.710 White 6 / pk
1.825.711 Green 6 / pk
1.825.712 Lemon 6 / pk
1.825.713 Blue 6 / pk
1.825.714 Red 6 / pk
1.825.715 Grey 6 / pk
1.825.716 Vanilla 6 / pk
1.825.717 Yellow 6 / pk
1.825.718 Orange 6 / pk
1.825.719 Rose 6 / pk
1.825.720 Pink 6 / pk
1.825.721 Purple 6 / pk
1.825.722 Ice blue 6 / pk
1.825.723 Mint 6 / pk

Smartie mix
Cat. No. Colour Packaging
1.825.700 Assortiment 14 / pk

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Reagent reservoirs

V-shape reservoirs (PP), 75 mL
Re-usable and autoclavable Polypropylene. Embossed graduations guarantees long lasting legibility. Round corners enable convenient reagent pouring. Bottom shape ensures bench stability.

> Brings maximal flexibility for routine work
    with single and multichannel pipettes.

V-shape reservoirs (PP),
with lid, 125 mL

Re-usable and autoclavable Polypropylene. Hinged lid closure. Microplate format guarantees excellent stability. Stackable for space saving storage.

> Ideal for all types of applications with single
   and multichannel pipettes.

Multichannel réservoirs (PS),
non-sterile, 48 mL

8- and 12-channel Polystyrene reservoirs. Each channel with rounded bottom. Total capacity
48 mL. Good bench stability. Microplate format enables use with automated or robotic pipetting devices.

> The perfect combination with multichannel

Multichannel reservoirs (PS),
sterilized, 48 mL

Single wrapped 8- and 12-channel Polystyrene reservoirs. Sterilized by X-ray radiation. Each channel with rounded bottom. Total capacity
48 mL. Good bench stability. Lot number facilitates traceability.

> Useful solution for any work in clean

Ordering information
V-shape reservoirs (PP), 75 mL
Cat. No. Description Reservoir
cap. mL
330.01 V-shaped 75 20 / box

V-shape reservoirs (PP), with lid, 125 mL
Cat. No. Description Reservoir
cap. mL
330.01L V-shaped with lid 125 20 / box

Multichannel reservoirs (PS), sterilized, 48 mL
Cat. No. Description Reservoir
cap. mL
330.08.9 8-channel 48 10x 1 / box
330.12.9 12-channel 48 10x 1 / box

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Pipette work stations

TwisterTM universal 336   *NEW*

Unique design 6-position pipette work station with great characteristics. Model fits six pipettes of most brands providing for an ideal storage solution in any laboratories. Rotation enables quick instrument selection. Easy disassembling for simple maintenance. Available in seven translucent colours. Discs are exchangeable.

  • Rubin red
  • Topaz orange
  • Citrine yellow
  • Emerald green
  • Sapphire blue
  • Quartz grey
  • Diamond white



Universal work station 337

Attractive space saver pipette stand holds up to seven single channel pipettes of most brands. Made of sturdy polyamid material, easy to clean. Very stable with anti-slip pads. Available in five pastel colours:

  • Ice blue
  • Light grey
  • Mint green
  • Pastel rose
  • Vanilla yellow



Multi and single channel
pipette stand 340

Space saver model for 3 multi and/or single channel pipettes. Innovative design fits all Calibra® and Acura® models and allows easy reach of each instrument. Heavy bottom plate and anti-slip pads guarantee stability. Made of polyamid material, simple to clean with a damped cloth. Especially suited for multichannel and macropipettes.

  • Light grey



Shelf pipette holder 332
for 2 instruments

Fitting two micro, macro and/or multichannel pipettes, the attractive design accommodates all Acura® and Calibra® instruments. The self-adhesive strip supplied ensures lasting attachment on any surface. Made of polycarbonate material.

  • Transparent blue
Ordering information
Universal work station, model 337
Cat. No. Colour Packaging
320.337B Ice blue 1 / pk
320.337G Light grey 1 / pk
320.337M Mint green 1 / pk
320.337R Pastel rose 1 / pk
320.337Y Vanilla yellow 1 / pk

Work station, model 340
Cat. No. Colour Packaging
320.340 Light Grey 1 / pk

Shelf pipette holder, model 332
Cat. No. Colour Packaging
320.332 Blue 1/ pk
320.332.4 Blue 4/ pk

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