Laboratory Division

09 Aug Technological Know-how

Smart laboratory work starts with reliable precision instruments and well-adapted consumables.

In the field of liquid handling, volume measurement requires a very special attention and adequate instrumentation, especially when working in the microliter volume range.

Precision dosing has been Socorex’s strength for more than 55 years. The company masters plunger / barrel tightness, liquid flow and valve system and fluid metrology. This expertise proved to be an asset in manufacturing increasingly precise dosing instruments in ever smaller volumes.

The numerous competences within the production site include fine mechanics with metal, plastics and glass, glass coating, parts grinding, lapping, machining and electroplating. Finished parts are then assembled by a highly trained team of collaborators performing QC controls at each production step to ensure faultless final instruments to be released on the market.

These competences combined with an innovative Research and Development department ensure Socorex’s position as a world leader in precision liquid handling.

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