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Acura® self-refill
865 self-refilling microdispenser pipettes


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Hand-held microdispenser intended for repeat distribution of microliter volumes. The dispensing pipette includes a three-way valve system for automatic self-refilling. Carefully selected materials ensure durability and optimal resistance to aggressive media. Instrument combines easy handling of a regular micropipette with flexibility of a repeater pipette. Three models cover the range from 5 to 1000 µL. Three-year warranty.

  • Excellent ergonomics, soft plunger activation
  • Large volume display
  • Swift-set user calibration system*
  • No need for consumables
  • Autoclavable fully assembled at 121°C / 250°F
  • Versatile feeding through bottle, tubing or syringe

*Socorex patented

Swift Set Calibration Socorex PictoSwift Set Calibration Socorex PictoSwift Set Calibration Socorex PictoSwift Set Calibration Socorex Picto
5 - 50 µL
20 - 200 µL
100 - 1000 µL

Tube filling

Comparaison Acura electro 926 Socorex 


Acura self-refill 865 microdispenser is best suited for serial   tube filling, for example when distributing heparin   in blood bank laboratories or filling cartridges   with perfumes or cosmetics. Silicone tubing   supplied enables direct aspiration from a bottle /   flask.

Sample screening


Combinatory chemistry or screening tests require   repeated sample distribution. Microdispensing   pipette makes this all the more easy when using   PP reservoir, vial or syringe as feed sources.

Microplates preparation

Comparaison Acura electro 926 Socorex 


When fitted with 8-channel manifold,   microdispensing pipette enables rapid plate   filling, for instance for coating wells in Elisa test   preparation, or plate washing.


  • Natural ergonomics
  • Ideal working position
  • Versatile feeding
  • Display always visible at a glance
  • Swift-set calibration
  • Autoclavable


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  • Contact the Socorex Service & Calibration center for maintenance and calibration.

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