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Multiple dispensing manifold


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The stainless steel manifolds (with PTFE stoppers) allow convenient distribution or aspiration in 24- and 96-well plates. It adapts to Dosys™ syringe pipette line as well as microdispensers Acura® self-refill 865. The manifolds are fully autoclavable at 121° C / 250° F.
This manifold is available either in 4 channels with 20 mm spacing or in 8 channels with 9 mm spacing. It can be attached to a Luer or Lucer Lock nozzle. Made of Stainless steel with PTFE stoppers.

See the Dosys™ syringe pipette line and the Acura® self-refill 865 microdispensers.

 Autoclave at 121C Socorex Picto

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