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18 Mar High quality micropipettes ready for shipping

High quality micropipettes at budget prices readily available for shipping

Socorex is well known for producing high-end precision liquid handling instruments. Geographically located in an innovative scientific and technological hub (near Lausanne, Switzerland), the company became a worldwide leader in the engineering, developing and manufacturing of dosing instruments such as micropipettes, macropipettes and bottle-top dispensers.

Four major parameters contribute to product quality:

  • Shock-proof: accidents happen. Users will not need to buy a new pipette when theirs has fallen once.
  • Autoclavability: sterilization can be achieved by autoclaving the devicefully assembled (121°C / 250° F – 20 min).
  • Resistance to UV lights: pipettes may be placed in a safety cabinet with UV lights.
  • Chemical compatibility : the Acura® manual pipette line is suitable for the distribution of most chemical reagents.

Convinced by the quality of our instruments and their long lifespan, Socorex is providing a three-year warranty when purchasing an Acura® manual micropipette, macropipette or multichannel pipette. In the same spirit, Calibrex® bottle-top dispensers are covered with a 2-year warranty.

Socorex offers so much more than superior products: the company as a whole is focused on excellence. Based on a solid experience in manufacturing precision liquid handling instruments, the Socorex Service Center is highly acquainted with all metrology aspects of maintenance and calibration and is therefore able to offer an appropriate service for your instruments, whatever their brand.

Furthermore, to guarantee a quick response to a clientele’s requirements, Socorex has a highly flexible production and keeps a large stock of precision liquid handling devices and consumables for instant delivery worldwide.

Liquid handling technologies are always evolving, and so are customers’ needs. Thanks to a great production flexibility, Socorex is able to provide the best quality products at a very reasonable price. Exceeding our clients’ wishes is and will always be a priority for Socorex.

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