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16 Dec Choosing a valuable micropipette

What benefits can be expected by choosing your micropipette wisely ?

Selecting a reliable micropipette is extremely important in order to ensure accurate and trouble-free work in the laboratory. How can one make the right choice when the offer is so broad and determination of selection criteria according to the needs are not easy to express ? First, it is always better to go for a micropipette from a reputable manufacturer and take into consideration not only the micropipette itself with its performance, but also its simplicity and effectiveness of an easy and inexpensive maintenance. Durability is very important, particularly with environmental issues in mind.

Socorex offers much more than top-notch quality products: the entire company is focused on excellence. Based on a solid experience in the manufacturing of precision instruments, Socorex manufactures, among others, reliable micropipettes designed to last.

Ergonomics is the key word for the different ranges of micropipettes developed by Socorex. Grip, shape, weight, activation, easy volume adjustments even with gloves, etc. Each element is studied to increase working comfort and reduce hand fatigue to avoid musculoskeletal diseases.

Shock, heat, chemicals, and UV rays do not pose a threat to Socorex’s micropipettes because the materials are carefully selected. Routine maintenance is simple and inexpensive, and instrument repair is very easy thanks to the availability of spare parts. These elements extend the life span of the micropipette and limit the impact on the environment.

The cleaning of micropipettes is essential. Their use with many liquids exposes them to possible contamination. The instruments developed by Socorex are quickly disassembled without the use of any tools. A clean instrument considerably reduces the risk of sample contamination and guarantees accuracy and reproducibility over time.

Socorex offers 3 different types of micropipettes:

  • Acura® manual meet most market needs by fully covering all fields of applications
  • Acura® electro  make electronic pipetting easier than ever while bringing a significant flexibility to daily work.
  • Calibra® digital, which are distinguished by their robustness and instant volume adjustment.

Each of these models has its specificities summarized as follows: the Acura® manual is universal, enough to cover any requirements, everywhere and by everyone. The volume ranges are wide so that everyone can find something to suit their needs. The microprocessor activated Acura® electro eliminates finger activation and is well appreciated by any person suffering from hand fatigue. In addition, the pipetting modes offer a working flexibility not accessible with a mechanical instrument. As for the Calibra® digital, its unique ultra-fast volume setting, and its very stable performance are making the line unique.

To sum up, the choice of a good micropipette is crucial. First of all, for its accuracy and reliability (so that it can be used in all applications within the laboratory). In the long term, the Socorex micropipette also stands out for its long lifespan, especially due to easy maintenance. As a consequence, user can expect substantial savings on the purchase budget of the new instruments and a reduced impact on the environment.


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