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21 Jan When every moment matters, choose Socorex Acura® electro, offering the fastest time to results and great ergonomics

Laboratories all over the world are being asked to convey test results rapidly to enable prompt reactions

During the past ten months, the scientific knowledge on SARS-CoV-2 and the public health, economic and social impacts of the resulting pandemic have continued to evolve. Public health and social measures must be continuously adjusted to the intensity of transmission and capacity of the health system in a country and at regional/local levels.

The decision to modify social measures is based on the analysis several epidemiological indicators such as the time from symptom onset to case confirmation, therefore, appropriate respiratory specimens (i.e. nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs) for virus detection must reach the laboratory as soon as possible after collection. Accurate laboratory diagnosis of people in whom SARS-CoV-2 infection is strongly suspected is most essential to support clinical management of patients and infection control measures.

That is why all test results, positive or negative, are immediately reported not only to the people concerned, but also to the national authorities.

Nucleic acid amplification testing (NAAT), for example reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), is the method of choice to reliable detect active SARS-CoV-2 infections.

Socorex Acura® electro electronic micro-, macro- and multichannel pipettes are the perfect dosing instruments all virologists and laboratory scientists will be glad to use, to meet all urgent needs, while working harder than ever in these difficult pandemic times.

The assortment is very wide: eleven single channel models cover the volume range from 0.1 µL to 10 mL, while four models with 8 and 12 channels cover the volume range from 0.5 µL to 350 µL

The intuitive software included in each microprocessor-controlled instrument enables any user to access to the six working modes easily, by pressing a single button – no complicated programming steps. No specific skills are required to move to these high precision electronic pipettes to enjoy electronic pipetting and its amazing working flexibility.

By selecting the “stepper mode” which fills the tip and distributes the aspirated liquid step-by-step, while using an 8- or 12-channel instrument, you will be able to fill your 96-well microplates in no time at all.

Situations often change and that is why demanding scientists like to choose instruments based on their durability and versatility, like Socorex Acura® electro electronic pipettes. In fact, in case of new and even unpredictable needs, you may just replace the autoclavable interchangeable volumetric module by a new one, matching your new requirements, one control unit fits 27 volumetric assemblies including ultra-micro, micro, macro and multichannel (8-ch. and 12-ch.) pipette modules, available separately: this feature greatly extends working possibilities and makes electronic pipetting affordable to all budgets and your Acura® electro an investment you will regret not to have made before. Socorex’s warranty policy – all Acura® electro electronic pipettes come with a 2-year warranty – proves their long-lasting quality.

Furthermore, all Acura® electro offer shape, balance and working ergonomics resembling those of a manual instrument. But comfort is so greatly improved that pipetting and result consistency are just outstanding.

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