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Filter tips 200 µL


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Efficient protection against aerosols. Include hydrophobic HDPE filter with 10 µm pore size, to block any contaminant. Very high purity level certified. Tips available in sterile racks only. Empty tip racks can be recycled to use with tipfill rack filling system.

Qualitix® Filter tips 

Purity Benefits

Feature Advantage Regular tips Low binding tips Filter tips
Nuclease-free (DNase and RNase) Safe handling of samples containing genetic material
Human DNA-free bioproof purity level for any critical pipetting (PCR, qPCR)    
Pyrogen-free Recommended in cell culture laboratories
ATP-free (Adenosin Triphosphate) Beneficial in accurate measurement of cells or bacteria activity
Heavy metal-free Adequate for trace analysis
Protease-free Protection of valuable samples containing peptides and proteins  
Sterility Preserve sample integrity  1
1 1
  1 Sterile items only.


  • QTX.002 Superior Quality LAB QTX.002 Superior Quality LAB
    Superior quality
  • QTX.003 Extended Certification LAB QTX.003 Extended Certification LAB
    Extended certification
  • 300 Environmental Aspect LAB 300 Environmental Aspect LAB
    Environmental aspects
  • QTX.001 Compatibility With Other Pipettes And Brands LAB QTX.001 Compatibility With Other Pipettes And Brands LAB
    Compatibility with other pipettes brands