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Acura® manual
835 manual macropipette


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The Acura manual macropipettes are combining high-tech materials with user-friendly ergonomics. Optimal for in- and outdoor environmental analysis, clinical chemistry and cell culture applications, they offer superior performance and make pipetting safer than ever. Three-year warranty.


  • Smart and reliable volume adjustment
  • Single-handed volume setting
  • Interchangeable nozzle protection filter
  • JustipTM adjustable tip ejector* fitting most tips
  • Swift-set user calibration system*
  • Shock, UV-light and autoclaving resistance
  • Pasteur pipette fitting 2 and 5 mL models
  • CE certified IVD 98/79 EEC

* Socorex patented

Also available as fixed volume macropipettes.

Swift Set Calibration Socorex PictoSwift Set Calibration Socorex PictoSwift Set Calibration Socorex PictoAutoclave at 121C Socorex PictoSwift Set Calibration Socorex PictoSwift Set Calibration Socorex Picto
Macropipettes alone:
0.2 - 2 mL
0.5 - 5 mL
1 - 10 mL

Macropipettes with Pasteur pipette adapter:
0.2 - 2 mL

0.5 - 5 mL


Pipette packs offer an extended choice of volume combinations, covering all individual requirements in any research or routine application. Available at attractive saver prices, they match with today’s budget constraints.

Set includes:
3x      Acura® manual pipettes
1x      Qualitix® pipette tips samples
1x      QC certificates
1x      Operating instructions

V :100 µL - 1000 µL - 5 mL           Y : 1000 µL - 5 mL - 10 mL


  • Natural ergonomics
  • Smart and reliable volume setting
  • Display always visible at a glance
  • Adjustable tip ejection
  • Swift-Set calibration
  • Time efficient maintenance
  • Environment and sustainability

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