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Regular tips 350 µL


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Superior pipette tips cover a range between 0.1 µL and 350 µL. Optimal tightness fitting on Socorex® pipettes and broad compatibility with other brands. All models autoclavable. Available in bags and racks.

Regular tips : Common use in daily pipetting with Socorex® and pipette brands.

Qualitix® Regular tips 

Purity Benefits

Feature Advantage Regular tips Low binding tips Filter tips
Nuclease-free (DNase and RNase) Safe handling of samples containing genetic material
Human DNA-free bioproof purity level for any critical pipetting (PCR, qPCR)    
Pyrogen-free Recommended in cell culture laboratories
ATP-free (Adenosin Triphosphate) Beneficial in accurate measurement of cells or bacteria activity
Heavy metal-free Adequate for trace analysis
Protease-free Protection of valuable samples containing peptides and proteins  
Sterility Preserve sample integrity  1
1 1
  1 Sterile items only.


  • QTX.002 Superior Quality LAB QTX.002 Superior Quality LAB
    Superior quality
  • 300 Environmental Aspect LAB 300 Environmental Aspect LAB
    Environmental aspects
  • QTX.001 Compatibility With Other Pipettes And Brands LAB QTX.001 Compatibility With Other Pipettes And Brands LAB
    Compatibility with other pipettes brands