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Three syringe sizes cover full volume range from 10 to 5000 µL. Colour coding on syringe and selector button eliminates any setting error. Quick insertion and removal from Stepper™ repeater pipette. The graduation helps monitoring syringe content. Ecostep™ syringes fit all Stepper™ generations.

  • Up to 73 doses per filling
  • 19 different volumes per syringe
  • Non sterile, bulk packaging
  • Sterile, bioproofTM, single wrapped
  • Selection packs includes each syringe type


Two syringe versions:

  • Non sterile syringes are supplied in bulk. Selection pack includes 20 each 0.75 mL (yellow), 3.75 mL (blue) and 37.5 mL (red) syringes.
  • Sterilized, single wrapped bioproofTM version with high biological purity grade. Each batch is human DNA, DNase, RNase and pyrogen (endotoxin) free certified, by independent laboratories. Selection pack includes 20 each 0.75 mL (yellow), 3.75 mL (blue) and 37.5 mL (red) syringes.

 Certified Socorex Picto
10 - 100 µL
50 - 500 µL
500 - 5000 µL

Available in sterilized and non sterilized version, the selection pack offer an extended choice of volume combinations, covering all individual requirements in any research or routine application. Available at attractive saver prices, they match with today’s budget constraints.

Pack includes:
20x      0.75 mL (yellow) syringes
20x      3.75 mL (blue) syringes
20x      37.5 mL (red) syringes


  • 846.3  Color Coding LAB 846.3  Color Coding LAB
    Colour coding
  • 520.1 Friendly Digital Volume Setting LAB 520.1 Friendly Digital Volume Setting LAB


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