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Acura® electro
936 electronic macropipette


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The electronic pipette includes a microprocessor-controlled motor and rechargeable battery pack. Three models cover the volume range 0.1 to 10 mL. Additional interchangeable volumetric modules and adapter for Pasteur pipette available as accessories.


  • Interchangeable nozzle protection filter
  • Adapters for Pasteur pipette and straw tips
  • Outstanding accuracy and precision

2 Year Warranty Socorex PictoUltra Light Socorex PictoUltra Light Socorex PictoUltra Light Socorex PictoUltra Light Socorex Picto

Ultra Light Socorex PictoUltra Light Socorex Picto
0.1 - 2 mL
0.25 - 5 mL
0.5 - 10 mL

Recommended when purchasing an Acura® electro for the first time, each initial package contains all components that allows immediate pipetting in optimal conditions. Thereafter, additional pipettes can be purchased alone and charged on existing stand.

Set includes:
1x      Acura® electro 936 pipette
1x      Qualitix® pipette tips samples
1x      QC certificate
1x      Operating instructions
1x      Pipette charging stand
1x      Fast charger with AC adapter and cord
1x      Additional battery pack

0.1 - 2 mL
0.25 - 5 mL
0.5 - 10 mL


  • Natural ergonomics
  • Pipetting cycle counter
  • Unique "left or right" display reading
  • Variable speed
  • Interchangeable volumetric modules
  • Long working autonomy
  • Adjustable tip ejection
  • Time efficient maintenance
  • Calibration

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